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Meet the team

Paul headshot

Paul Aitken

Creative Director

for as long as I can remember, I have been a huge horror buff! I am also very passionate about interactive media and, having worked in most aspects of the design market, I have been able to combine my expertise with my passion to create... this!


Emma Sharpe

Operations Manager

Hello! I'm Emma. I guess you could say that I pretty much do everything here at Headshot HQ. Whilst these boys are playing about on their computers, I'm busy sorting out the web orders, organising the events, ordering stock, making coffee... However I must admit that I'm probably the biggest nerd of the company! I love watching movies (especially sci-fi... and horror of course!) and I also run my own blog over at Pure Geekdom.


Dan Marriott

SEO Consultant & Web Guru

Dan is basically the brains here at Headshot Clothing. He is an absolute genie when it comes to code! Not only that but he has an extremely immense collection of "retro" games and consoles. So I guess you could say he's an all round Nerd!

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